Astro Maps


The Astro Maps I make are intuitive paintings that reference where certain celestial bodies are in relation to each other as viewed from the surface of the Earth, at different moments in time. They are essentially the more familiar Birth Charts, however I enjoy making maps for all sorts of events; meetings, unions, births, deaths, or even just the present moment. I make my Astro Maps with the astrological chart I am working with on hand. I am a beginner in the world of Astrology and do not consider these paintings to be ‘readings’ of any kind, however while making them I reference books and media as I recognize notable aspects or relationships. Each Astro Map comes with a print of the astrology chart used to create the painting, which includes all of the planets and placement locations. These paintings are intuitive and fully my creation. Each Astro Map will be unique and never a recreation.

Astro Maps generally come in two sizes, 11" or 5.5" squares, although other formats can be created. Please email me at for pricing and other information or to order your very own!