Lindsey Claire Newman is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Chicago, IL, where she creates intuitively with paint, collage, and mixed media, natural found objects, textiles, and her typewriter.

Lindsey's work is an exploration of unseeable connections, rooted in the relationship between the exposure to our surroundings and our perceived vulnerability generated by it. Connections considered include but are not limited to the connections between -individuals as fellow humans

-to our own ancestors

links between the living and the dead

relationships between humans and our planet, in all of it's essences natural and madmade

humans and the cosmos throughout history

Lindsey works with these themes primarily through the lens of ayurvedic principles, yoga, and astrology. She is constantly chasing new experiences of vulnerability in which she continually discovers moments of raw intuition.

Lindsey Claire Newman is a writer and educator, in the languages of yoga, art, meditationand journaling.

Lindsey currently publishes a zine


about living seasonally and lovingly within the mega-structure of a large American city, which is a book she has been looking for, for a very long time.