Lindsey Claire Newman is an artist and writer living in Chicago, IL, where she primarily makes mixed media paintings through channeling her intuition and mood.

Lindsey's work is rooted in her exploration of unseeable connections.  Her newest work, Bang, a series of Ancestral Maps, is a visual interpretation of lifetimes, layered over one another, exploring the concept of non-duality. This body of work questions themes such as non-linear time, perceived structures of human existence, and the boundaries between the living and the dead.

Lindsey is also the creator of a zine called Connect. This exploratory publication is a vehicle for her writing and poems, and also provides insight into her creative process and practice. A published poet, once nomadic, now a city dweller immersed in motherhood, Lindsey writes from the heart. Her writing describes her world through the lens of what she calls 'storybook reality', which assumes nothing as fact, prefers hypercolor and symbolism, and leans heavily into dreamtime and the subconsious.

If you’re in Chicago, swing by Tula Yoga Studio at 2827 W. Belden to see Lindsey’s work in person or visit her Art Shop for small size original works for sale and Art Cards.

Contact Lindsey at or @llover7 on Instagram. Tap the NEWSLETTER button to sign up to receive her 'almost monthly' correspondence.